Uplevel Your WP by Shaylee Smith
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Uplevel Your WP

DIY WordPress maintenance for the techy business owner who wants a well oiled website
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Does this sound like you?

  • Worried about breaking your website by updating something
  • Afraid to lose your hard work because you have no backups
  • Concerned about hackers breaking into your website
  • Know you need to optimize and improve your site speeds
  • Not sure which plugins are the best to use

Wouldn't you rather...

  • Keep your website always up to date and free from issues
  • Have automatic backups running without you lifting a finger
  • Know your website is secure and keeping out bots
  • Have a clean and optimized website that loads up in a flash
  • Know the best plugins to use for each situation

What's included

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Uplevel Your WP Ebook
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Plugins for Powerhouse Entrepreneurs
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Manually Deactivate a Plugin
5 mins

Heya, I'm Shaylee!

WordPress and tech can be scary and even hold you back from moving forward with your business. But it doesn't have to be that way! My goal is to guide you through WordPress, tech tools, and business strategies to save you time and headaches. It's time to finally run the website of your dreams 🤩


There are so many plugins available for WordPress, and while that’s a great thing, it’s also a bad thing – Shaylee helps you to understand which ones you need (and why) to get your WordPress site into a good place. Security, backing up information, speed – it’s all covered! And best of all – no lesson takes longer than 20 minutes.
LJ Sedgwick
As a 10+ year user of WordPress, I love Shaylee’s [ebook]. The content is easy to follow and broken down into manageable tasks for optimizing and securing your WordPress website. I highly recommend this [ebook] to any WordPress user whether you’re just starting out, or in need of a refresher course. It will put you on track to taking better care of your most important business asset!
Kimi Kinsey
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What format is the ebook in?

The ebook (and bonus ebook) are available as a downloadable PDF file. You will need a PDF reader to access the contents. There is a link to the bonus video within the ebook itself or you can access it here through the course site.

What's the policy on refunds?

Due to the nature of digital products, no refunds are offered on this product. If for some reason you just really hate this ebook then please email me and I’ll see what we can do!

Who should buy this ebook?

Self-hosted WordPress.org users who want to better maintain their websites and aren't afraid to install plugins and make tweaks. This ebook is not intended for WordPress.com users or total beginners to WordPress.